s e n s a t i o n s

day ten :: sensations

the smell of winter

the heavy smell of everybody’s fires

the sound of the birds singing in a new day

the feel of cold, crisp air

the sight of the magical glistening of a morning frost

the aroma of morning coffee

the sight of shadow play on the walls from the afternoon sun

the sound of my children giggling

the feeling of warmth and love from hugs with loved ones

the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking

the sound of cars on a nearby busy road

the wonderful feeling of camera in hand

the sight of a starry night and a brightly lit moon

the many smells of dinner being cooked around our neighbourhood

the feel of a hot shower

the sight of the town lit by lights and bokeh

the feel of a warm bed

out-of-focus #60

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7 Comments to “s e n s a t i o n s”

  1. beautiful sparkles – love this list (i’m definitely a list sort of girl)

    a warm bath and bed sound about perfect right now

  2. another very lovely take on the journaling and word prompts – so glad you’re catching up here so I can enjoy your creations!!

  3. beautiful photo….love your list!

  4. oh…that last photo is enchanting!